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  • Biodynamics Supports Integrity and Diversity in Seeds and Breeds.

Members gain access to the most effective Biodynamic soil and plant enlivening preparations available. Biodynamics involves the use of a wide range of techniques including the all-important Biodynamic preparations, a series of biological materials that powerfully develop soil microbial activity, root growth, humus formation and light metabolism.

The secret of Biodynamic gardening

Other techniques include Biodynamic composting, careful cultivation methods, and the use of a scientifically based moon and zodiac planting chart to enhance production. Biodynamic soils become progressively darker, more friable and fertile, and develop open structure and fertility to greater depths.

Biodynamic plants develop superior flavour and nutritive qualities. Biodynamic fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer than conventional or non-BD organic produce. Biodynamic farming has been scientifically shown to produce more friable, fertile soils and healthier plants and animals. Under Biodynamics, soils develop much higher humus levels, absorbing and holding considerable tonnages of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere , allow faster infiltration of water, hold much more water than conventional soils and require less frequent irrigation.

Biodynamic Principles and Practices

Biodynamics can progressively bring salt-affected land back into full production. Biodynamic Growing magazine seeks to spread knowledge of this most successful "Australian Demeter-standard" Biodynamic method so that the Earth may be revitalised, and continue to sustain humanity and the ecosystems we are responsible for.

Material appearing on this website is Copyright and reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited. Requests are usually approved. Congratulations on a truly outstanding magazine — both informative and inspirational.

Biodynamic Man

Baker Australia. It is based on the teachings of scientist and philosopher, Rudolf Steiner.

This includes the marketing, education and promotion of biodynamic understanding and… Read More. Membership is also open to legally incorporated bodies, such as companies, registered charitable trusts, incorporated societies, and… Read More. Biodynamics is a systems approach, where the farm, vineyard, orchard or garden is viewed as a living whole and each activity affects everything else.

What are the advantages?

About Biodynamics

Biodynamics uses very limited external inputs and re-uses most on-farm waste, so it has a low impact on the environment. It also provides an economical way of farming because most of the costs are met at the time they are incurred. One of the most easily-seen and dramatic benefits of biodynamic practice is the exceptional quality of the produce: flavour, appearance and keeping quality are all enhanced.

The international trademark Demeter is your guarantee that produce is grown biodynamically.